Monday, March 14, 2011

The Doctor

Sticking to my highly ambitious, and therefore sure to soon fail, goal of posting once every day, here we go! Tonight I'm talking about the one, the only... the Doctor.

Who's the Doctor, you ask? At first glance he is merely a crazy man with a box. Take a closer look and you'll see he is SO much more. The Doctor is an alien. A Time Lord from Gallifrey, to be exact. He is the last of his kind. This makes him angsty, tortured, and lonely, right? Wrong! The Doctor is fun, energetic, and constantly saving planets in his phone booth time machine (The TARDIS). Sure, he's got his moments where he is understandably angsty, tortured, and lonely, but the Doctor is mostly upbeat. That's what makes Doctor Who a brilliant show. The Doctor is a nearly perfect character. He's one of the best ever on television, if you were to ask me. Possibly the best thing about this character is that he is timeless. Heh. Time. The Doctor has the ability to change forms when faced with death. Regenerate, basically. 11 actors to date have played the Doctor and there are sure to be many more.

Doctor Who began in 1963, ended in 1989, and began a new series again in 2005. The new series is currently still on air. Because it's all I've seen, I'm sticking to talk about the new series here.

As I've said, different actors play the Doctor, so naturally, everyone's got a preference. In the new series, we have 3 to choose from.

First, bringing the series back, is Christopher Eccleston.

Next, we have the lovely David Tennant.

And finally, the current Doctor, Matt Smith.

My personal favorite is David Tennant. To me, he is everything the Doctor should be. He's light-hearted, caring, romantic (See: Rose), random, and just all around good. Also, he can give one hell of an intimidating speech. I just love him. He's my Doctor. I feel like he always will be.

The best thing about the Doctor Who fandom is that everyone seems to respect everyone else's opinions. Your Doctor is your Doctor and that's how it is. No one's going to argue with you about it. Every Doctor's been good. Great even.

I could honestly ramble about this show forever, as I'm sure you've already realized.Thanks if you've stuck with me through the long post tonight. There will certainly be more on this show later. I plan on doing posts on each indivual Doctor. Also, I can't wait to dedicate posts to the female companions. That's a whole new story on it's own! Until next time!

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