Tuesday, March 15, 2011


If you haven't already seen LOST, I'm not going to even try to explain it. I simply cannot do it any justice with an explanation. Writing 12 pages couldn't explain this show fully. My advice to you? Stop reading and go watch this show right now.

LOST is the best show ever.

If there is one fact I truly believe, that's it. I literally grew up watching Lost. I watched the Pilot episode with my dad the night it aired and we were hooked ever since. I was 10. Last year, when the show went off, I was 16. I went through some of the craziest years of my life while watching Lost.

And I didn't just watch. I obsessed. I followed the show religiously, bought the seasons, rewatched episodes, talked on message boards, bought merchandise... I started a Twitter just to find fellow Lost fans to chat with.

I would go as far as to say that Lost is the reason I'm even typing on this television blog at all. Before Lost, I was a casual TV watcher. I'd sit down and watch a show if it happened to be on. Lost got me started watching a show regularly. I never missed an episode. I'm like this with many shows now, but Lost was the beginning. Lost started it.

Anyone who isn't a rabid Lost fan like me is reading this and thinking I sound completely crazy, but if you're a part of the Lost family, you understand it. When I say family, that's exactly what I mean. This fandom is exceptional. I'm not sure I've ever met such mature, intelligent fans of a show before. Yeah, I know there must be exceptions to this, but I swear, every Lost fan I've ever met has just been wonderful.

This is really more than a show. It's more than sitting down, watching characters interact every week. Watching Lost is a full emotional experience. Lost made me feel more than anything ever has.

I cried through the entire series finale. I kid you not, the show started, I started crying. I'm talking total Jears here.  (Look, we even have our own Lingo!) You'd think this would be embarrassing, but no. Most Lost fans, they did the same thing, and it makes total sense.

Lost remains a huge part of my life. I believe it always will. As school, I'm proudly known as that Lost chick, just like I was in elementary school. I flaunt my Lost apparel and display my Auction Apollo Can in my room. I have a wall of my room dedicated to the characters. My dad even bought a Dharma license plate for my car, which actually refers back to the fact that Lost was a major discussion point with my family. There's nothing like some good Lost discussion.

Maybe all of this Lost love makes me a little crazy, but if so, then I'm proud to be this kind of crazy. To all who criticize my love, I have only one thing to say... Don't tell me what I can't do! You all know it had to be done.

As I've said, there is no better show than Lost. If you are a fan, you know this. If you missed out on the show while it was on air, it's not too late. I will recommend this show forever. I'm recommending it now. This is not something you'll want to miss out on.

Lost is an incredible show.

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